Wirikuta is the Heart of the World

My Brothers and Sisters,

Wirikuta is the Heart of the World. Many places in the world are the lungs such as the canopy forests of the Amazon and the Northwest; the coal deposits across the world are the liver for our Mother; the great rivers such as the Mississippi and the Amazon, the Rhine and Yangste are the arteries of Her and the smaller rivers and creeks flow as veins; the Great Lakes, for example, hold the precious waters of the World as the organ of bladder and reservoirs have been created to be the kidneys.  But what is the Heart?

The Heart is a place where we, the people, can hear the Gods sing.  The Heart is the Center of Life; it’s the great connector,

it’s the web that holds It all togehter.  The Heart is the last organ to die, for when the Heart dies death prevails to the entire organism.  The brain and other organs can die but the organism isn’t dead until the Heart stops beating.

Once a year I go with my compadres and comadre to Wirikuta; I have for 12 years.  It is the Heart of me; it’s where I, as a marakame, hail from. This place, this most magnificant place, is threatened by our very people who do not want to change.  What is there to change that would make a difference in mining Wirikuta or not? Lifestyle.  We have lost our connection to the Great Circle of Life. Pray that we can teach our children and our children’s children this way of life and that humanity finds a way to live without the want and emptiness that is kin to greed.

The Jicarero, my four brothers and sisters, are charged with carrying the offerings from the Tuki (the principal Tuki in Mexico, (see www.tukifiesta.org) to Wirikuta each year to ask for blessings for our people. We come home and bring these blessings with us and offer them to our communities. This is a way to honor this Sacred Place and receive the gifts from It. It’s also a way that we pray to preserve the Rising of the Sun and the Song of the Gods.

Wirikuta still needs our prayers.  The organism, Mother Earth, and her organs, like the Heart, is still in danger of being exploited by the monstrous machine of humanity–The Government has tried to sauvely deter the Lovers of our World’s Sacred Places to get us to think we can relax our prayers and thoughts toward the Heart of the World, while they (the miners) find another doorway in to exploit her Sun, Father Tau.  Go to this site which you can translate into English for more information and YouTube vidoes of the Huichol and the cause: http://frenteendefensadewirikuta.org/wirikuta/?p=2975

My last blog entry, Birth of the Sun Saved, talked about the government’s deal with the Canadian mining company. We were so happy on that day–I felt it to be a DAY OF JOY…and it was.  And now, we must stay vigilant as Grandfather Fire, Tatewari says, “The best way to prevent destruction is by praying”.

Tonight is our Mesa Hamlet Community Fire. We will hold vigil for a while with our prayers toward Wirikuta.

In love and in Heart, Deanna


Water & Oil do not mix: CALL TO ACTION~June 14th, 2015

Dear Water Wheel Family and Lovers of the Earth,

I need your help to bring the Vibrational Medicine of the Water Wheel Ceremony to help transform a recent environmental disaster & to give support to the Waters that have been affected.
As you probably already are quite aware, the Santa Barbara, CA. area where I have been living and doing ceremonies since February, has experienced a serious oil spill. The seals, dolpins, pelicans, fish & other sea creatures have suffered tremendously, many losing their lives.  The oil slick has already spread over a hundred miles to the south, polluting our beaches and requiring expensive & exhausting clean-up procedures.
I have been working with a number of environmental groups here to turn this tragedy into a call to action and an opportunity to stand in our strength to speak out against the negligent and destructive technologies & practices of the oil companies.  Several lawsuits have been initiated by the Santa Barbara County as well as citizen groups to demand that the oil companies take responsibility for the damages they have incurred.
But you and I  know that working on a vibrational and energetic level is sometimes the most powerful thing we can do.  I am calling together a large community Medicine Water Wheel Ceremony to focus our intentions toward harnessing the spread of the oil and loving our ocean back to it’s highest vibration.  Sending out our healing songs and prayers to all the creatures impacted by this tragedy, and awakening people to the power of joining our conscious & heart-felt intention to serve the Earth.
We need to order a large quantity of rose quartz crystals to be shipped to us ASAP for this ceremony & need your help with funding this.  Any contribution will help, no matter the size.  Please go to the website: http://keepthewatersflowing.com/  and click on the donate button which will take you to our PayPal account.  Anything donated in the next two days will
help us to purchase the crystals for the ceremony.
Thank you for adding your energy, wherever you are, to heal the Waters!!!
Keep the Waters Flowing!
In gratitude,
Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack
Keep the Waters Flowing

It’s Mother Earth vs. Father Greed in New Pine Ridge Uranium

The emotionally charged documentaryCrying Earth Rise Up!was showcased to a full house at this week’s Sedona International Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona.

Filmmaker Suree Towfighnia and film editor Sharon Karp were on hand for the screening.  “This is the fourth screening of the film,” Towfighnia said. ” We literally finished production just last week.  So I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment.”

The film, narrated by Tantoo Cardinal, focuses on two Oglala Lakota women on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  One is Elisha Yellow Thunder, a young mother with a daughter, Laila, who was born with cloacal abnormalities that causes internal organs to be connected.  Laila’s only functioning kidney fails at age 8.  Elisha’s quest to determine the cause of her daughter’s birth defects leads her to the water on her homeland.  Majoring in geology, she is mentored by Dr. Hannan LaGarry, a geology professor and author of 5 year study on hydrology the Ogallala Aquifer who teaches her to study water and uranium outcroppings on her homeland as a possible cause of the high number of birth defects and stillborn babies on Pine Ridge.  “My little girl’s story is too big not to tell,” Yellow Thunder said.

Water brought Elisha together with Debra White Plume, a frontline activist who is challenging Canadian mining giant Cameo, who operates the Crow Butte uranium mine near Crawford, Nebraska, near the Pine Ridge reservation.  White Plume filed an intervention opposing Cameo’s 10 year renewal license and application to expand their mining operation in December of 2007.  She is the only individual intervener in this case against Cameo.  In the film, White Plume attributes the in-situ leach mining operation at Crown Butte for contaminating the aquifer that flows under her homeland.  Dr. La Garry serves at the expert witness in White Plume’s defense.

“Without water, there is no life,” White Plume says in a quote that is featured on the film’s website. “It’s like Mother Earth against Father Greed.​ ​You’re either for uranium or against it. There is no middle ground.”

“This work is about protecting precious water, for all of us, for Mother Earth and our coming generations,” White Plume said at the Sedona screening. “This film will help tell our truth to the world, all over the world water is in shortage, there are droughts or floods, or water is so contaminated it cannot be ingested by humans. We tell our truth based on our love of our generations.” Her words earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

This is Towfighnia’s second production that features Oglala Lakota activist Debra White Plume.  Her first collaboration with White Plume was a pro-hemp film entitledStanding Silent Nation.

The film is scheduled to screen in Portland, Oregon; Sante Fe, New Mexico; California; Nebraska; Navajo Nation and other venues.

For more information or to host a screening,visitCrying Earth Rise Up!on Facebook.

Read more athttp://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/03/03/its-mother-earth-vs-father-greed-new-pine-ridge-uranium-documentary-159451