Shamanism Medical Sessions



“I cured with the power that came through me. Of course, it was not I who cured, it was the power from the Outer World, the visions and the ceremonies had only made me like a hole through which the power could come to the two-leggeds.” Black Elk

Shamanic Sessions

1) Traditional Shamanic Session includes sorting out, organizing 64-dimensional layers, unplugging old worn power outlets and plugging in new ones and in some cases where needed methods of screening.

2) Energy fill and Booster sessions are about adding power or energy to the luminous field, plumping it up for overcoming physical body health issues and if the desired shamanic practice is taught for the individual to generate their own power, on their own in the future.

3) Upgrade Session is designed to get people past those blocks we cannot seem to get around no matter what we do. Upgrades and activating new chakra systems, galactic body grids, crystal grids, new plugins, screening and sometimes just need a push of extra power in the field to get past it.

4) Nutrient Pull and Transfer for physical body health. It does not replace eating healthy, however, if the body has been depleted and is having a hard time with absorption this session can be highly helpful.

5) Recapitulation for training and support of a recapitulation clean up. Recapitulation is a method, a self-directed discipline, a self-empowering technique that enables an individual to repair damage in their own energy bodies. This includes the damage and energy drain from the luminous field and the distancing of the emotional body.

6) Shamanic Practices for building a personal practice and continued support at mastering it.

7) Shamanic Counseling for personal, family or business.

Long-distance sessions are done by appointment on zoom video call, only!

Sessions are by appointment only!

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Bridgette (she walks among stars) is the current Shaman for the Snake Clan. She works in 64 dimensions and specializes in her own formats, structures, practices in Shamanism utilizing Fire & Snake Medicine and Transmutation. Her Shamanism work also involves energy grid adjustments, altars, medicine bundles, coaching, screening, event looping, generating power, recapitulation, prayer, spiritual commitment ceremonies, plugging & unplugging sessions. Bridgette is also a sustainable Biodynamic farmer educating about our spiritual return back to Earth. She brings insights on how to work with the medicine of earth in systems of recovery and restoration for the health of our bodies, soil, water, air, plants life and animals. Offering workshops, webinars and classes, speak and lecture at events, consult, and counseling, hands on building and development, ceremonies, hands on healing in person or long distance. She is registered with the International Association of Medical Intuitives. Please look for her hand crafted Shamanic Products.

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