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Snake Clan

Snake Clan is an Offical Clan of the Free Cherokee now Red Road Society

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff  (She Walks Among Stars) is the founder and Shaman / Medicine Women of the Snake Clan through her personal journey and her life time work in the field of shamanism. She is a Snake Medicine woman carrier bringing her gifts, insights, healing, teachings to the Snake Clan creating a foundation of Medicine. With the guidance, help and support of Chief Charles Lightwalker of the Wolf Clan of the Pacific Northwest Bridgette has been able to bring this medicine she carries full circle into the Clan. As the Clan gains new members we can elect the specific people for the positions of leadership in the Clan. Currently Bridgette is forced to wear many hats as she guides this clan and brings one new members. She is also the functioning chief.

Mato Wopiye (Medicine Bear) and Bridgette have been working together since the summer of 2009. When the vision of the Snake Clan came into being Bridgette asked Bear if he would come on board to be the Clans Ceremonial Leader and Care Take of the Clans Lodge. Both Bridgette and Bear are still being asked by Spirit to hold space in Nevada, she in Reno and He in Las Vegas. There is funding in the works to buy Ceremonial land in Western Montana which will be the long term home of the Snake Clan and the Lodge that Bear has built for all people which he calls the Rainbow Peoples Medicine Lodge , Bear will be offering ceremony for those that come to the lodge, medicine wheel, vision quests and hands on healing work. Please visit his site for more information about him and his lodge work.

Currently we have been endorsed by Chief Charles Lightwalker and he is carrying that endorsement to the Chiefs of the Free Cherokee Clans meeting this month of June 2015. He takes along our letter of intention and our asking in a good way after 3 years of constant showing we are ready for the honor of joining the Free Cherokee as a full Clan membership, as the Snake Clan.

A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent lineage. Clan members may be organized around a founding member or ancestor. Kinship-based bonds may be symbolical, whereby the clan shares a “stipulated” common ancestor that is a symbol of the clan’s unity. When this “ancestor” is non-human, it is referred to as a totem, which is frequently an animal. Clans can be most easily described as tribes or sub-groups of tribes. The word clan is derived from ‘clann’ meaning ‘family’ in the Irish, Scottish, Gaelic languages. The word was taken into English about 1425 as a label for the tribal nature of Irish and Scottish Gaelic society. Clans in “family” indigenous societies are likely to be exogamous, meaning that their members cannot marry one another. Clans preceded more centralized forms of community organization and government; they are located in every country. Members may identify with a coat of arms or other symbol to show they are an independent clan.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff (She Walks Among Stars) has been a life time student & practitioner of Shamanism. She has many indigenous teachers including those in her family line. She is the founder and Shaman of the Snake Clan. She works in 64 dimensions and specializes in her own formats, structures, practices in Shamanism utilizing Fire & Snake Medicine and Transmutation. Her Shamanism work also involves energy grid adjustments, altars, medicine bundles, coaching, screening, event looping, generating power, recapitulation, prayer, spiritual commitment ceremonies, plugging & unplugging sessions.

For over 25 years she has taught & facilitated “Energetic & Structural Medicine” for humans and our 4 legged friends. In 2006 Bridgette began consulting for Corporate & Political geared business with a focus on creating “ECO-nomical Cooperation’s”. She works with CEO’s and their companies to bring about a greener and spiritual balanced world.

She is a sustainable, Biodynamic farmer currently building “urban farms” individual family food production and for at risk communities. Bridgette’s educates on our “spiritual” return back to Earth. She brings insights on how to work with the medicine of earth in systems of recovery and restoration for the health of our bodies, soil, water, air, plants life and animals.  She founded the Urban Farm Project in 2010 after finishing her education at Steiner College; Bridgette is still connecting the dots on how full biodynamic farms can support inner city urban farms in their area with preparations and study. Urban Farm Project consults, does project development, builds and teaches on “soil health” for conservation and understanding of health of all living beings through nutritionally dense food coming from “healthy soil” and Bridgette brings  Indigenous  ceremony, prayer and shamanic medicine to accompany the scientific end of food production.

Her long term project is to develop a Biodynamic farm in Montana to rehabilitate veterans into sustainable farmers and create a Biodynamic chapter of North Western Montana. Bridgette offers workshops, webinars and classes, she speaks and lectures at events, consult and counseling, does hands on building and development, ceremonies and hands on healing in person or long distance. She also hand makes shamanic medicine products for bring about balance and healing.

Medicine Bear Whitebow~ Mato Wopye (Medicine Bear) is a retired veteran; He Earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star w/Device, and was awarded the Purple Heart in 2004 after serving in the Army and being injured in combat.

For many years he was a member of Heart Medicine Lodge as well as other Lodges throughout the southern California basin. He comes from Gabrilino/Tungva/Apache/Cherokee/Yaqui heritage. His teachings are varied from the Lakota Peoples, Mescalaro Apache,Cherokee, Yaqui, Arapaho, Kiowa. He is a traditional Pipe Carrier for the people and a ceremonial dancer, ordained minister, public speaker, has been featured in local newspapers and this last year had his personal story added to a book “Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts”.

As well he is the carrier of the Inipi ceremony, Medicine Wheel, Vision Quest,Water Dedication,Puberty,Making of Relatives ceremonies and many more. His healing teachings are passed down from generation to generation from a long line of Healer’s/Medicine People, he practices crystal healings, pranic healing, and traditional teachings of the medicine peoples.

His journey began at age 6, through the instructions of his first teacher Standing Eagle a holy man from the Arapaho peoples. He has spent time over the last 36 years with teachers from the Lakota Nation, Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee to name but a few.


Snake Clan Membership

The Snake Clan is looking for new members which we look upon as family members. The Snake Clan is a New Clan only 3 years old and recently since August 24th 2015 an offical clan of the Free Cherokee.

We are in the transition.

We currently do not have applications through the Snake Clan for membership as of yet. If you would like to become a member now you can contact the Free Cherokee by mail for membership. Make sure to add the Snake Clan to the membership form area of Clan. You will get a card back in the mail verifying your membership.

For more information please use contact form on this website.


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Snake Medicine Tour

Transmutation~Shamanism~Fire, Snake, Earth Medicine~Dreaming

Transmutation: The conversion of one element, event, situation, energy, being, cell, microbe or nuclide into another either which can happen in nature as a “naturally occurring event” or artificially.

Shamanism:  Shamanism encompasses the premise that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds. Shamans are said to treat ailments/illness by mending the soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit restores the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness. The shaman also enters supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting our reality.  Shamans may visit other worlds/dimensions to bring guidance to misguided souls and to ameliorate illnesses of the human soul caused by foreign elements. The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.

Snake Medicine: The power of snake medicine is the power of creation. Snake swallows its experience or prey whole. The transmutation of the life-death-rebirth cycle is exemplified by the shedding of Snake’s skin. It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, and that those things which might be experienced as poison can be eaten, ingested, integrated, and transmuted if one has the proper state of mind. Where all animal spirit medicines speak of healing, the snake totem is the medicine of medicine itself. In its most concentrated, snake medicine is a shamanic passage, which, if survived, will bring deeper consciousness.

Dreaming Medicine: Tribal medicine men/women and shamans can be men of outstanding character and personality. They are masters at controlling and using the power of morphogenic fields and altered states of consciousness both for medical and spiritual purposes. Their psychic powers and knowledge extend far beyond that of the average western individual. Some of them have undertaken disciplined investigation and developed techniques where mind works on mind. The Assemblage Point, the epicenter of the human energy field, is one of the fundamental principles of their power and knowledge. The assemblage point dictates ‘how we feel and how we behave’.  The Assemblage Point is intrinsic in the shamanic teachings in relation to the physical body and the second body or dreaming double. The importance of the Assemblage Point of the physical body with regard to health and disease. Attached to the assemblage point on the back side of the physical body is the ‘second body’ or dreaming double. The Assemblage Point of the ‘second body’ or dreaming double existing in some other realm or parallel universe. Books that can help gain insight to this work are: Out of the Body and The art of Dreaming.

Medicine Bundles: Is a wrapped package/s employed as a ritual aid. The size of a medicine bundle generally varies from 2 to 14 inches in length, but could be larger. Contents may include a collection of various items that might include seeds, pine cones, grass, animal teeth or claws, horse hair, rocks, tobacco, beads, bones, herbs and items used to create “strengths” of energies for desire outcomes. Are used in the processes of earth acupuncture, can be hand crafted for individual, partnership, death, health, prosperity, protection, elevating energy, traveling and more.

Fire Medicine: Fire can be called upon as a teacher to generate power for creation, health, and healing, spiritual pursuits. Fire purifies us by burning away the old that is no longer useful. It is a necessary medicine in the process of transmutation and transformation. Fire medicine covers vast medium/s in which our work with fire can be carried out: the sun, lightening, physical fire, heat, cosmic energies, nature’s life forces, electrical current, passion and the “spark” of creation. Sacred Fire which is also a term for fire medicine when expressed in “higher states of consciousness”. Fire is a powerful current, flame, wave, spark of energy that when actively invoked initiates an intelligent of power to overcome obstacles and fuel our vast infinite potential. This medicine teaches you on a personal level that you are a universal being.

GrandFather Fire Ceremony 

Ceremony is done on location. Changes based on Grand Father’s teaching and healing at that time.


Energy Circle: Learn to work together in a group (circle) to clear energy and blocks.  Highlight will be creating an energy vortex together. This event can help you to learn authenticity with others for the mutual benefit of all.

Surrendering:  Body “de-construction” methods for understanding and bringing about personal surrendering. This work teaches how to find, manage, release and surrender to pain/held suffering in our bodies. This work reaches all bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Unlocking blocked energies or suffering.

Working with your tools:  Such as: smudging, sage, cedar, plants, medicine bundles, tobacco, prayer, stones, bones and totems. Learn how to create scared space with the 7 directions and how to build a relationship “making friends” with energy beings “tools” we used in shamanic work. Become the friend you would love to have!

Generating Power: Is about how we lose power and methods to restore power. I will be teaching one of my favorite methods, a modified version of the “run to the sun”. Understand the totality of power and energy available will help you in build your own restoration of power. Once you know how to and where to find these energies around you the energies will become your alleys. Health of the body requires massive amounts of power. More so than nutrition.

Earth Medicine:  Our spiritual return back to Earth. Learn insights on how to work with the medicine of earth in systems of recovery and restoration for the health of our bodies, soil, water, air, plants life and animals. Workshop includes why we need to return back to earth and ideas on how we can do it. Microbial health and processes, your body as compost. Including old style compost builds for medicine. Hole compost, plant solutions and placement for earth acupuncture.

Please note: Mini workshops listed above can be in a group or private (by appointment) form. For a “full” day or “several” day workshop/s, aspects of all the mini workshops are pulled together into a cohesive structure.

By Appointment

By Appointment/ Sitting Shamanistic Healing: This healing is specific to the Emotional Body and the Luminous Sphere. This session is offered in 3’s, time of first appointment 11 days after and 3 weeks out after first appointment.  Appointments can be in person or by video call on skype.

By Appointment/ (travel appointment to location) Healing work on our 4 legged people. I work on all animals with 4 legs, domestic and farm.

By Appointment/ (travel appointment to location) Assessment by dousing and communicating to the area afflicted in need of change. This is for land, office, business, home, farm and property. Next implementing handmade medicine alone with methods of clearing, prayers, blessings, earth Acupuncture to opening new energy grids, opening and balancing meridians that can stretch worldwide.  For prosperity, support, healing, health and the transformation of old blocked energies. Upgrade your space to new frequencies.