Snake Medicine

(Inland Taipan)
Transmutation; Life Force

The Key words for Snake are: Transmutation, Life Force, New You, Wisdom, Growth & Awakening. The snake depicted on our card is the Inland Taipan but this card represents all snakes.

The snake is card number 40 which gives him the numerology vibration of 4. “The Number Four is the orchestrator, the interpreter of all forms, ideas, planning’s, renditions, insights, dream-works. It is a foundational energy upon which other energies are built to provide sustenance for existence. It works within the realms of growth, order, systems, and formulas seeking to provide a matrix for lasting stability. Time and Space are the working tools of this number.

Four is The Builder… Colours: Green, Blue, Indigo, Emerald, Coffee, Silver & Maroon. The Number Four finds the Materials and builds, shapes and moulds. Four is seen as representing the rational; relativity and justice. The symbol of measurement and foundation. Four is seen as the first solid number. It is spatial in scheme or order in manifestation. It is static as opposed to the circular and the dynamic. It is wholeness; totality; completion; solid. The are four cardinal points; four seasons; four winds; four directions (as in North, South, East, West); four elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) in the western culture. There are four sides to a square; four arms to a cross. There are four rivers to Paradise that formed a cross (the Garden of Eden was said to be within the four rivers). Within Paradise were four infernal regions, seas, and sacred mountains. There are four watches of the night and day, quarters of the moon. There are four quarters to the earth. As in other cultures, ceremonies and ritual acts are repeated in fours. The Native American cultures have used the number 4 most frequently as in the four cardinal directions. The four winds are depicted by the symbol of the cross and by the symbol of the swastika – a Native American symbol.

The rune symbol depicted on our snake card is the rune Berkana – this is the rune of personal growth and associated with fertility. This symbol is regarded as sacred.

Our snake is depicted slithering down a yellow (mustard) rectangle to represent the shedding of the old ways to allow for the new growth. This is an extremely earthy card within the deck and reminds you to stay well grounded and earthed. The crystal of snake is chrysoprase and advises you to step into your acceptance of the all – this is the place of Great Wisdom. Snake in the Chinese culture is the symbol of wisdom and beauty.

The Medicine

The medicine of Snake is Transmutation and Life-force. Inland Taipan is one of Australia’s most deadly and aggressive snakes. He has a heightened sense of smell and sight. Taipan is active almost all day and part of the night. Snake medicine is powerful medicine because Transmutation is essential to all life. The Snake sheds his old skin in the transmutation process bringing forth his new self. Allowing all that is past to be released as he has out grown it, released it and now welcomes all that is positive and new to be engaged. Snake relies on his internal life-force to determine when the time it right to call on his transmutation powers. Snake medicine is the LIFEFORCE within, the rising serpent to our own awakening.

The Shadow Side
You refuse to let go of the past and hold back your new growth.

The Crystal – Chrysoprase
Chrysoprase brings in acceptance of self and allows you to understand your patterns of growth.

The Message
If snake has slithered past you, you are being asked by ‘Spirit’ to shed your old ways and transmute into the NEW YOU. The life-force is within you, allow it to show you the way to let go and move on to your new beginnings. A new cycle is about to begin and your new growth is here at hand. Embrace the wisdom snake has brought your way. It may be time to move house , change jobs or change your hair style.

Affirmation : I am life and I renew daily

Snake Power Animal Symbol Of Death Rebirth

As snake sheds its skin so we can shed our illusions and limitations. Then we are able to use our vitality and desires to achieve wholeness.

Snakes deserve respect. Throughout history the snakes have had many legends surrounding them, linking them to creation, fertility and transformation. Nowhere are the differences between cultures and religions more sharply emphasized than in their attitudes towards Snake, differences which will also uncover different vistas on elementary aspects of being alive.

On one level, the differences relate to sexuality. We see the snake enticing Eve in the Garden of Eden, being symbolized as Vinata the Indian goddess, or shown as the legs of Cernunnos the Celtic fertility god. In Hinduism, kundalini, or serpent fire, is coiled at the base of the spine. As we mature emotionally and spiritually, the energy rises, stimulating the chakras, which are emotional, mental, and spiritual energy centres. This is also shown in the worldwide symbol of the spiral. This flow of energy is indispensable for good health, and the Greeks, in their own understanding of this, used the snake as a symbol of healing and wisdom.

In Israel the snake was regarded as the earth mother and played a role in fertility. In Egypt the cobra was known for its ability to expand the upper neck into a disc shape by spreading its ribs, symbolizing immortality. Snake was also considered to represent inner vision. Christian lore sees the snake rising from the chalice of St. John, wound around a cross sometimes portrayed with a woman’s head to depict lust and temptation.

For time immemorial people have associated Snake with both male and female aspects of sexuality. In religions where sexuality, in both its physical and spiritual aspects is celebrated, Snake has been held with honour. More repressive belief systems have linked snake to evil.

The Celts sometimes called the Druids, leaders and teachers in poetry, music, the law, spiritual wisdom, and healing, adders. Sadly, the more stiff practitioners of the Judeo-Christianism seemed to fear wisdom. When St. Patrick bragged that he had driven all of the snakes out of Ireland, he meant the Druids. The apple the snake gave Eve was from the Tree of Knowledge.

This is just a start to the contradictory attitudes towards Snake. The snake also represents aliveness, as expressed in sensuality – in this case meaning feeling and responding to stimuli, and more generally, to the flow of energy which creates us and makes us alive.

When snakes shed their skin, they metamorphose into a new being. This is very significant to those with snake as power animal, symbolising our ability to shed beliefs and habits which we have outgrown, moving into higher spiritual energy. The ability to do this is wisdom.

The shedding of the skin is also associated with astral travel and out of body experiences. The eyes of a snake are always open and are protected by immobile transparent scales. Before shedding their skin the snakes markings become obscure and the eyes appear opaque or blue, giving them a trance like appearance as if they are looking right through you. Learning how to see into the hearts of others is part of what we are taught by snake.

On the deepest level Snake’s skin shedding symbolizes death and rebirth, an idea which is depicted by the image of a snake swallowing its own tail, a symbol of eternity. The Snakes medicine is not to be treated lightly. Its meaning touches on the deepest mysteries in life. If you are ready to shed your own skin, Snake is ready and waiting to guide you through the spiral path of transformation. On a material level snake is vitality, on an emotional level ambition and dreams, on a mental level intellect and power, and on the highest level, the spiritual level wisdom, understanding and wholeness.

Snakes / serpent’s power includes – Being the messenger of the Rainbow Serpent, wisdom, healing, initiation, elusiveness, manipulation of lightning, transmutation, exploration of the mysteries of life, primitive or elemental energy, protection from religious persecution, goddess energy, psychic energy, creative power, immortality and the connection to, or forming, the magic cord by which the shaman travels to the soul world. Snake medicine is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, that all is one.

Snake is a powerful animal guide, a symbol of transformation and healing. The snake is wisdom expressed through healing. This is a protector and guardian. If snake has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening. Your intuition will strengthen and be more accurate.

When on the move snakes make no noise whatsoever. They are invisible when resting and are unable to produce their own body heat, often to be seen lying in the sun. The suns warmth together with their behavior regulates their body temperature. They don’t rely on the energy of food to generate body heat and can survive on scanty diets for long periods of time. Those with snake as power animal need very little food for energy. They are usually cold, with body temperatures below average, and prefer warmer climates.

Snakes do not have eardrums nor external ear openings. Instead they have small bones in the head that conduct sound. They can hear low frequency sounds and sense vibrations that travel through the earth. This links them to the underworld where secrets are kept.

The snake depicts healing on a cellular level. With their lightweight and flexible bodies they possess extremely fast and agile. If snake enters your life, expect swift changes to sweep through your life. These changes denote death of the old and a birth into untapped power, creativity and wisdom. Snake is very powerful to have to have as a guide. It is the guardian of sacred places and the keeper of concealed knowledge.

Why Fire? Why Fire Now?

Experiencing the sacred is about connecting with something much larger than ourselves. The Sacred Fire Community is a global network of people bringing a sense of the sacred back into our world. Operating locally, through gatherings in the presence of Fire, we learn, grow and open to the Great Mystery in which we all participate.

Why Fire?

The element of Fire is the essence of our hearts…the source of spiritual connection and compassion. Acknowledged throughout humanity’s history, Fire holds our deepest knowing and wisdom, and awakens our personal relationship with the Divine.

Why Fire Now?

In these times of uncertainty and rapid change, it is common to feel increasingly disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the world. ❖ As the energy of transformation, Fire is a primordial healing presence in our lives. In the natural world, Fire burns away deadwood and decay allowing forests to be reborn into lushness. Likewise, our hearts long to burn away fear and worn-out patterns, allowing us a fresh start to rebuild life-sustaining connections.

The Sacred Fire Community offers over 60 monthly community fires. Find your fire.

Why Fire? Why Fire Now?

Why Fire?

The element of Fire is the essence of our hearts…the source of spiritual connection and compassion. Acknowledged throughout humanity’s history, Fire holds our deepest knowing and wisdom, and awakens our personal relationship with the Divine.

Why Fire Now?

In these times of uncertainty and rapid change, it is common to feel increasingly disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the world. ❖ As the energy of transformation, Fire is a primordial healing presence in our lives. In the natural world, Fire burns away deadwood and decay allowing forests to be reborn into lushness. Likewise, our hearts long to burn away fear and worn-out patterns, allowing us a fresh start to rebuild life-sustaining connections.

The Sacred Fire Community offers over 60 monthly community fires. Find your fire.

– See more at:

Wirikuta is the Heart of the World

My Brothers and Sisters,

Wirikuta is the Heart of the World. Many places in the world are the lungs such as the canopy forests of the Amazon and the Northwest; the coal deposits across the world are the liver for our Mother; the great rivers such as the Mississippi and the Amazon, the Rhine and Yangste are the arteries of Her and the smaller rivers and creeks flow as veins; the Great Lakes, for example, hold the precious waters of the World as the organ of bladder and reservoirs have been created to be the kidneys.  But what is the Heart?

The Heart is a place where we, the people, can hear the Gods sing.  The Heart is the Center of Life; it’s the great connector,

it’s the web that holds It all togehter.  The Heart is the last organ to die, for when the Heart dies death prevails to the entire organism.  The brain and other organs can die but the organism isn’t dead until the Heart stops beating.

Once a year I go with my compadres and comadre to Wirikuta; I have for 12 years.  It is the Heart of me; it’s where I, as a marakame, hail from. This place, this most magnificant place, is threatened by our very people who do not want to change.  What is there to change that would make a difference in mining Wirikuta or not? Lifestyle.  We have lost our connection to the Great Circle of Life. Pray that we can teach our children and our children’s children this way of life and that humanity finds a way to live without the want and emptiness that is kin to greed.

The Jicarero, my four brothers and sisters, are charged with carrying the offerings from the Tuki (the principal Tuki in Mexico, (see to Wirikuta each year to ask for blessings for our people. We come home and bring these blessings with us and offer them to our communities. This is a way to honor this Sacred Place and receive the gifts from It. It’s also a way that we pray to preserve the Rising of the Sun and the Song of the Gods.

Wirikuta still needs our prayers.  The organism, Mother Earth, and her organs, like the Heart, is still in danger of being exploited by the monstrous machine of humanity–The Government has tried to sauvely deter the Lovers of our World’s Sacred Places to get us to think we can relax our prayers and thoughts toward the Heart of the World, while they (the miners) find another doorway in to exploit her Sun, Father Tau.  Go to this site which you can translate into English for more information and YouTube vidoes of the Huichol and the cause:

My last blog entry, Birth of the Sun Saved, talked about the government’s deal with the Canadian mining company. We were so happy on that day–I felt it to be a DAY OF JOY…and it was.  And now, we must stay vigilant as Grandfather Fire, Tatewari says, “The best way to prevent destruction is by praying”.

Tonight is our Mesa Hamlet Community Fire. We will hold vigil for a while with our prayers toward Wirikuta.

In love and in Heart, Deanna

Concerning the Assemblage Point

Notes for Carlos Castaneda Readers Concerning the Assemblage Point

In 1972 Robert A. Monroe a businessman published a book entitled: “Journeys Out Of The Body”. This is an extraordinary book containing graphic diary accounts of his and the supernatural experiences of others. This book also contains specific instructions and methods that the reader can practice to experience astral travel. Robert Monroe’s work makes a number of significant disclosures that are relative to the Assemblage Point information here.

In 1958, Monroe found himself leaving his physical body to travel via a “second body” to other locales far removed from our consensus physical and spiritual realities. He conducted a series of experiments that conclusively affirmed the existence of a ‘second body’ that could be projected from his physical body. Using disciplined mental techniques, he could shift his conscious awareness into his ‘second body’ and travel to distant locales while his physical body remained behind in a trance state.

While on one of his frequent out of the body excursions, he discovered that his second body was attached to his physical body via a cord consisting of hundreds of tendon like strands packed neatly together. This cord was attached to the centre of his back and the hundreds of strands or filaments spread and fanned out to form his second body. This suggests that his projected “second body” had an Assemblage Point entering at the centre of the shoulder blades. Another intriguing disclosure of his was that when he occupied his second body, his body image was reversed, his left leg and left arm was on his right side and vice versa. The transposition of his consciousness from his physical to his projected second body somehow produced a “mirror image” effect. Monroe assumes that he is not unique and that every human retains the possibility to project or possess a “second body”.

He is not alone, Dr. Carlos Castaneda undertook specific shamanic instructions to gain mastery over his dreaming double or ‘second body’. His books contain many graphic accounts of the journeys that he and his companions’ made into supernatural realms via their dreaming doubles. The Assemblage Point is intrinsic in the shamanic teachings of Don Juan Matus as recorded in Castaneda’s books both in relation to the physical body and the second body or dreaming double. Don Juan discusses the importance of the Assemblage Point of the physical body with regard to health and disease and this is recorded in Castaneda’s book: “The fire From Within” published in 1985. Robert Monroe’s book “Journey Out Of The Body” suggests that there is also an Assemblage Point attached to the back of the ‘second body’ or dreaming double as does the later books of Carlos Castaneda. To avoid any confusion with this work and my previous publications, the Assemblage Point information that I have presented is entirely to do with the Assemblage Point of our physical body and emotional level of health as it is on this planet and not the Assemblage Point of the ‘second body’ or dreaming double existing in some other realm or parallel universe.”

Aboriginal Medicine Men

The Assemblage Point is not a recent fabrication nor a product of the New Age phenomena, it has some interesting and obscure roots that can be traced back at least several centuries. The Assemblage Point knowledge and teachings have been a closely guarded secret held by American aboriginal medicine men. Only in recent times has the knowledge begun to infiltrate into western culture. Many patented medical drugs have been derived from the herbal and mineral cures discovered and used by aboriginal medicine men and women. Drug companies are actively gathering information and samples of herbal medicines and their uses from remote aboriginal tribes around the world. They chemically extract the active principals and synthesis the drug in their laboratories. A large bulk of modern drugs owe their inventiveness to the perceptive powers and bravery of our ancient tribal medicine men and women to “see” and explore the plant and mineral kingdom for the health benefits of their tribal group.

Tribal medicine men and shamans can be men of outstanding character and personality. They are masters at controlling and using the power of morphogenic fields and altered states of consciousness both for medical and spiritual purposes. Their psychic powers and knowledge extend far beyond that of the average western individual. Many aboriginal medicine men are specialists in the workings of the human mind and its influence on the body. Some of them have undertaken disciplined investigation and developed techniques where mind works on mind. For some American Indian medicine men, the Assemblage Point, the epicentre of the human energy field, is one of the fundamental principals of their power and knowledge. Their belief systems are not in contention with atomic and quantum science.

The Shaman’s Blow

The anthropologist and best-selling author Carlos Castaneda wrote ten books that sold millions of copies world wide in seventeen different languages. Carlos Castaneda, who held a PhD in anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles, said that in the early 1960’s while researching medicinal plants in Arizona, he met a Shaman that he portrayed in his books as Don Juan Matus. Later, Don Juan moved to Sonora, Mexico and Castaneda followed. For more than three decades, Castaneda claimed to have been the apprentice of the Yaqui Indian sorcerer Don Juan, who said that the old sorcerers shifted their apprentices assemblage points to move them into states of heightened, keenest, most impressionable awareness as well as to keep them in apprenticeship bondage.Throughout this time

Castaneda continued publishing books about his apprenticeship with Don Juan. In the beginning of his association, Don Juan had used ‘power plants’ containing powerful hallucinogenic alkaloids to loosen Carlos Castaneda’s Assemblage Point. Don Juan claimed that Castaneda’s Assemblage Point was so stubbornly fixed that only power plants had sufficient power to shift it to another location.

In his book, ‘The Fire From Within’, his benefactor and Shaman, Don Juan warns Castaneda about the extreme dangers of an ‘involuntary’ shift of the Assemblage Point due too perhaps disease, physical exhaustion, the unwitting use of drugs, hunger, thirst, or even an emotional or physical crisis. A fact of great importance claims Don Juan, is that it is the position of the Assemblage Point that dictates ‘how we feel and how we behave’.

Although Don Juan used powerful hallucinogenic plants to shift Castaneda’s Assemblage Point, he gave Castaneda stern warnings of the dangers of uninformed use of drugs and other adverse incidents that can cause an involuntary shift. Throughout his book Castaneda records Don Juan’s intimations that an involuntary or unconscious shift of the Assemblage Point causes serious physical and mental problems, even life threatening.

On another occasion in his book, Don Juan is reported as saying that people who unwittingly shift their Assemblage Point by taking drugs, can induce a feeling of numbness and cold and have difficulty in talking and thinking; as if they were frozen from inside. Despite these warnings, the 60’s burgeoning drug culture adopted Castaneda’s books and work as a licence to use drugs. Don Juan clearly knew what he was talking about, but at no point throughout this books, does Castaneda demonstrate to his readers how a dropped or misaligned Assemblage Point can be corrected.

Don Juan also spoke extensively to Castaneda about the process of death and the “gap” at the navel. Unfortunately, Castaneda does not provide any practical or useful scientific information that enables the reader to assimilate Don Juan’s medical knowledge of the Assemblage Point. It is valuable information which begs many questions:

1. What is the Assemblage Point?

2. What is its significance with physical and mental disease?

3. What is the essence of “the extreme danger”?

4. How can we check the location of our Assemblage Point?

5. How can we shift and correct its location if detrimental?

6. How can we gain stability of our Assemblage Point location?

Water & Oil do not mix: CALL TO ACTION~June 14th, 2015

Dear Water Wheel Family and Lovers of the Earth,

I need your help to bring the Vibrational Medicine of the Water Wheel Ceremony to help transform a recent environmental disaster & to give support to the Waters that have been affected.
As you probably already are quite aware, the Santa Barbara, CA. area where I have been living and doing ceremonies since February, has experienced a serious oil spill. The seals, dolpins, pelicans, fish & other sea creatures have suffered tremendously, many losing their lives.  The oil slick has already spread over a hundred miles to the south, polluting our beaches and requiring expensive & exhausting clean-up procedures.
I have been working with a number of environmental groups here to turn this tragedy into a call to action and an opportunity to stand in our strength to speak out against the negligent and destructive technologies & practices of the oil companies.  Several lawsuits have been initiated by the Santa Barbara County as well as citizen groups to demand that the oil companies take responsibility for the damages they have incurred.
But you and I  know that working on a vibrational and energetic level is sometimes the most powerful thing we can do.  I am calling together a large community Medicine Water Wheel Ceremony to focus our intentions toward harnessing the spread of the oil and loving our ocean back to it’s highest vibration.  Sending out our healing songs and prayers to all the creatures impacted by this tragedy, and awakening people to the power of joining our conscious & heart-felt intention to serve the Earth.
We need to order a large quantity of rose quartz crystals to be shipped to us ASAP for this ceremony & need your help with funding this.  Any contribution will help, no matter the size.  Please go to the website:  and click on the donate button which will take you to our PayPal account.  Anything donated in the next two days will
help us to purchase the crystals for the ceremony.
Thank you for adding your energy, wherever you are, to heal the Waters!!!
Keep the Waters Flowing!
In gratitude,
Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack
Keep the Waters Flowing