Shamanic Earth Solutions



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By Bridgette

Shamanic Ceremony

In person 1 to 3 days on site, long distance coaching to create and designing the perfect ceremony for home, personal, office, commitments, environment, property, nature & corporate.

For bringing back already existing sacred medicine into alignment and balance. Unify the people, animals, water, land, insects with the natural energies of earth by releasing abuse, damage, violence and in many cases murder, pain and suffering from ourselves and the area/s afflicted by such negative forces.

Shamanic Fixes

In Person hands on assessment and applications of Spiritual Medicines. Long Distance coaching for assessment, making and applying medicine for desired effect.

Assessment of current energy, creating intentional design or desire, making of medicine/s & application for home, personal, office, environment, plants, people, animals, property, nature, business & corporation. Action of energy change by cleaning, clearing, blessing, balancing, harmonizing, releasing,  protection, illness, death, health, prosperity, unifying, restoring, regenerating, elevating, current structures. In some cases the need for shifting & changing of energy grids by designing new system, applying medicines to establish new grids for selective or desirable purpose.  For example in restructuring a new business you may need to actually create a new energy grid system to support it. ~ 775.624.7862