The Vedas and Sanskrit

The Vedas and Sanskrit

by Mrs. Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, Ph.D.

The Sanskrit word Veda comes from the root word “Vid” which means “to know”, the vowel “a” denotes the manifestation as Divine origin. Veda means to enter into fields of knowledge that are not limited by space or time; the unbounded Knowledge of Eternal Truths that have been passed down since ancient times and more recently in the last eight thousand years have been held in sacred texts as the Vedas were held in memory and passed first orally. The Vedas are composed of four fields of Knowledge, which are Rig, Sama, Artha and Yajur Veda, here we will be directing out attention to the Rig Veda which is the key to the Divine knowledge of sound and light as a spiritual vibration and energy. The Source of Knowledge is held in the sound ‘aaah’, which comes from the Sanskrit Sacred Word “AUM”.

Each Veda gives Knowledge of both absolute and relative values of life, the knowledge of the Divine in sound, light, energy; the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and space; of these elements, Space or Akasha, which is the unbounded intelligence and memory, is the most important in relating to Sanskrit. All of this knowledge pertains to Natural and Divine Universal Laws, moral codes, sacred geometry, space, astronomy, mathematics and the knowledge of physics and hyper dimensional realities. This Knowledge was brought to the Himalayas as the main repository by the Euro Aryans who also passed some of these sacred teachings to Egypt; this Knowledge has been held since ancient times as the Mysteries by Advanced Teachers, Adepts and various indigenous peoples who have migrated around the planet and are now taught by their Elders. The lesser and greater Mysteries are contained in the Vedas and this Knowledge was not passed unless a candidate proved worthy in character, with a sincere desire for inner Truths as well as the needed personal experiences that comes with inner development. Of all the initiations that the Candidate must have, the most important was the Initiation into the Word, which is Initiation into an inner transformative process using a sacred Mantra, which is the Sacred Encoded Divine Energy of Light and Sound, transcending the entire field of relativity with the Divine. Pure Knowledge must be experienced to become Wisdom, and here is where we understand the word Yoga which means Union, it is the union of the heart, higher mind and Spirit along with the transformation of the lower mind.

The following uses the Sanskrit Word “AUM” which is the Silent Sound of the Universe and Intelligence behind all subtle fields of creation.

A” represents the Omni Present Spirit, Unbounded Absolute.

U” represents the Omni Potent Omni Consciousness, Waves of Divine Energy as Pure Thought as well as Divine Sustained Energy.

M” represents the Omni Creative Energy as well as energy and intelligence in all fields of matter and their various densities depending on the levels of intelligence of Spirit that is infused in matter for evolution.

Defined further, we can see the Divine Triple Nature of the Supreme as Brahma, “A” the Creator; Vishnu, “U” the Sustainer and Shiva, “M” the Liberator as Pure Consciousness Spirit within matter as the Conscious destroyer of ignorance, which takes one from darkness to Light.

The above description gives insight into why there are thousands of mantras, and why the ancients used specific Divine Sound formulas in Sanskrit for Initiation. Each Sanskrit formula unfolds specific Divine qualities. ‘AUM’ said as the sound “OM” will alter a persons life in relativity, as it is known in ancient text as a “recluse mantra” which can only be used when one has let go of all aspects of relative life and has given up all forms of material enjoyments of life.

Veda means “total absolute knowledge”, aside from being passed in Sanskrit, it is also used in symbols, stanzas, and mandalas, which are Sacred diagrams of Divine energy and intelligence; they are the spiritual sciences of antiquity of the Aryans (Vedas) Assyrians, Egyptians and Chaldeans. The alphabet and vowel system of Sanskrit is not a ‘spoken’ language, but an encoded system of Sacred Sounds used by the ancients to keep Sacred Knowledge pure. This system of vowels is also found in the source of every language in the world, because Sanskrit was the first seeded language on planet earth.

In the book, “At the Sign of the Square and Compass” by Geoffrey Hodson in 1976, Mr. Hodson states the following, “…Man spirit and God spirit are One Spirit; the Atma (God) and the Paramatma (Supreme Being or Spirit) are ONE”. Further Mr. Hodson gives insight by the following revelation, “…In terms of transcendental Consciousness, this Realization is the goal of human achievement. The Search for the Lost Word which Freemasons seek to find or recover is an experience in consciousness, an awakening of one’s mind into direct knowing of oneness with the Great Architect of the Universe”.

The Vedas hold the Keys to the Lost Word in this ancient Sanskrit language, as the Word transcends all fields of relativity while transforming ones life to the Divine Realms with direct insight into all levels which can also be understood as the Intelligence ‘in’ the Divine Sap In the Tree of Life. It must be remembered that this Sacred Knowledge that is held in the Mystery Schools, has been passed down throughout antiquity to both sexes and later in various Orders to men and some women depending on the nature of the Organization.

In the Book, “Lecture on Masonic Symbolism” by Albert Pike, and transcribed and annotated by Rex R. Hutchens, Mr. Pike shows the relationship between Sanskrit and European languages as he clearly illustrates the linguistic affinities between Sanskrit, Greek and Latin. (Page xi, section II) Also, Pike believed early Masons had “intentionally concealed the real lessons and meanings of the symbols employed in the Art of Freemasonry as it was only to be revealed to those who had concord, union, and peace”; which we can also understand in the importance of revealing higher Truths to those individuals who have shown expansion of consciousness and heart.

The following sentence by Pike clearly reveals the Hidden Value of the Vedas as great Truths that open to the pure Initiate:

Question: “Why do you so often leave the West and journey to the East?”
Answer: “In Search of Light”.

The Vedas unfold the hidden Light of Knowledge, revealing to the pure mind and heart greater depths based on experiences which are the Key to the Source of Knowledge, or the Source of Thought in all subjects. Vast and profound, the entire field of Knowledge is open and leads one direct to the Divine, beyond space and time into Higher Dimensional realities of life as Sanskrit is the Language of Light.

Super Consciousness – Non-Relative
Higher Realms of Pure Consciousness, Transcendence goes past relative fields of mind to Divine Mind; Pure Supreme Divine Spirit and Finer Unified Fields of Intelligence. Both Relative and Non-Relative Elements and Senses have Relative as well as Absolute and Non-Relative Values.

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