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Ministry Of Consciousness in cooperation with the Red Road Society


Ceremonial Land (Montana)


Ceremonial Land (Montana) for Snake Clan and all their relations to build Medicine Wheel and Retreat area for bring together other nations, tribes for ceremony, teachings and connection to the Earth Mother. The Main focus and goal to heal ourselves, Earth Mother and all living beings on and in her. To reach out to our Ancestors by building safe bridges to them.

International Association of Original Medicine 

sacred fire

IAOOM is a project starting end of 2016. It will give Original / Traditional Healers world wide who are born, bloodlines, trained in the family and tribal tradtions of healing will have a place to put themselves out into the public for contact in their work. This Global work is restore, train, educate and bring back Original Medicine to the world, thus regenerating not only the life of people but animals, plants, water, air and the Earth.

In the future IAOOM will have international conferences where all Memebers can travel to speak, educate and teach on their bloodlines, healing and whatever work they feel is best to present. We are hoping to also have workshop given by the speakers and traditional healers so that the public can participate in remarkable knowledge.

IAOOM will be working hand and hand with the Conscious Medical Clinics world wide project that can be found on the website. Our future members of the IAOOM will be the main clinic workers and will travel over the world to the 12 clinics planned to see people for healing and while at clinic locations will be offering educational workshops to other associates of IAOOM or the public. ~ 775.624.7862