20 Minutes with Bridgette May 12, 2020~Mouth of God Chakra (new chakra)

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Mouth Of God Chakra moves us from Image or Dreaming Consciousness of the 4th Epoch which Steiner lectured and wrote about, to the current epoch of the thinking consciousness that started to develop in 1410, which we are still in, this period will last till 3572.

Thought the mouth of god chakra is mostly not opened or working in humans, the new chakra/s “were” applied to our energy systems in 1995. I believe for the new human evolution taking place with the development of the part of the brain that does thinking that is recent. Most people are still in the picture or dreaming lower animal consciousness, they are not thinking as of yet. The memory of water “Emoto” and other’s work proves that our human structure including the water in us is picture consciousness, imprintable, and reflective of what is outside of us and pineal gland and third eye chakra helped us evolve into the picture consciousness. Now we need to evolve into thinking consciousness, with the use of a mouth of god chakra and seventh eye chakra and the use of both sides of the brain in a critical approach to thinking, individual which will lead to the collective.  The 6th epoch will be where the collective thinking and being will take place and thrive as the next evolution of the human being.


Crystal Chakras:

Element: Fire/Plasma

Sun Beings ~ Sun Light ~ Cosmic Radiation

Fire/Snake Medicine Path

New Chakra’s Emerged In 1995, but, in most humans are still not active.

Important Features on Chakra/s becoming activated:

The health of our Physical Body has to be achieved through clean water, air, food by eating directly from active healthy soil.

Rainbow Beings/Rainbow Light return to Earth and we align ourselves with this Medicine/Energy.

This is connected in the 5th postAtlantian Epoch Stiner talked about which is the one we are in till 3572. Where the” Thinking” aspect of the human being. These new chakras become active this comes from a   path of the individualized understand through the critical thinking of FREEDOM and how to use it. Then we will come to a collective understanding and applying this knowledge to the greater good of all.

These new chakras will return us back to the work of the Earth but connected fully to the cosmos/ancestors. Like a giant vortex pivot point on the Earth and outstretched into the cosmic memory, knowledge, understanding through us, and radiating it out onto the Earth.

Healing the soil and eating from it will bring our bodies back into alignment with the energy around us, as the mineral/metal biologicals uptake through eating from the soil and clean water uptakes in our bodies this will increase the power/energy reflectivity/reflection from inside our bodies into the new chakras, from the inside out, not like the established chakras from the outside in.

Our blood becomes the crystalic structures needed to power the new chakras.


Functional brain imaging of telepathy


The Consciousness of Lower Animals


The consciousness of Higher Animals






Defining Critical Thinking



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