Carrying Stones & Digging Holes May 10, 2020~Structure & Memory of Water Links

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Deeper Concepts of Water

Structure of Water & Memory of Water Links from Class

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff & Dr. Lenny Thyme (Ph.D. Chemist & Freelance Scientist) will be hosting this class. You can see more of Dr. Lenny  Thyme on his blog:

Dennis Barker And Lenny Thyme In Conversation


Rudolph Steiner talks about the Mineral Kingdom (Water) has a reflective consciousness. A mirror consciousness, this is why water has memory, what is outside of water imprints it with information, data, feelings, thoughts, images. 

He also lectures on the beings that live within the minerals and how it is our job to free, raise the consciousness of the mineral and animal kingdoms. As we raise our consciousness and the imprinting becomes more light, loving, the kindness we reflect onto these kingdoms and they become more conscious. 

In Biodynamic Stirring of preparations unlike other philosophies, it creates memory, binds energy of medicines, and structures the water. This creates the highest potential of homeopathic remedy with feelings of love, health, healing as you hold your attention, prayer in connection with the water. The human being mirroring, imprinting, reflecting which creates the memory on to the water which like in Emoto’s work you can see what you have reflected onto the water back in light forms or sickness in water. Stirring binds the preparations into the water, structures it returning the living parts including the life force back into the water, and your elevated consciousness while doing it creates a water memory or imprinting back to you and the world as a reflection, karma is you will of your mind, heart and being instantly into your world you are living.


Prayers affect on reality- Dr. Emoto

Water Memory Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier

The memory of water – Jacques Benveniste

Biodynamic Preparation Stirring Homeopathic Remedy for Soil

The Mystery of Water – What we know is a drop

Johann  Grander – Inventor of Revitalized Water

The structure of water happens are a result of its relationship with nature & the sun. We can mimic nature:

The Extraordinary Nature of Water ( Viktor Schauberger ) 1 – 4

Viktor Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy Nature

Flow Forms

Living Water Through Aquatech/Ancient

Shamangineer | Water Alchemy, Fringe Science, & Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger: “Water Wizard”

Walter Russell & Viktor Schauberger | The Creation Equation


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Carrying Stones & Digging Holes refers to the process much like chopping wood and carrying water. It is the backbone process of the Ceremonies that also lend to the work we do with all our relations. The work that comes after the thought that builds the physical reality and our tending to it. The topics covered showcase the people and their work that has gone beyond thought and understanding into the physical reality where they have built a foundation in which they do their work giving a platform in which they can teach, educate and inspire others.

Host Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff is a Traditional Osteopath, Nutritionalist, Biodynamic Farmer, Herbalist, and Old School Shaman Practitioner. She is heavily involved with the saving of the Earth and all beings on her. She works in person or by zoom meeting and at times travels to a location. You can contact her for an appointment and start your journey of health and healing. Bridgette has been a TV and Radio Host.




Desire is thought, Thought is Desire – Thought is Time. 

Early in Carlos Castaneda’s apprenticeship, Don Juan introduced the basics of the second attention.  This was a state of heightened awareness that was distinct and different than our day-to-day state of mind, which was called the first attention.  Besides being an altered state of awareness and perception, it was also a portal or gateway to other realms; for example, the threshold crossed in dreaming.

The Seers call them the consciousness of the left side (right hemisphere lateralization), the nagual, the other world, the unknown, the second attention.- this process of highlighting certain fumes -, continued don Juan -, was discovered and practiced by the ancient Sorcorrors.

They realized that a man nagual or a woman nagual, by having more energy than the common man, can push the glow of consciousness and remove it from the usual fumes and move it to the surrounding fumes. That push is known as the blow or shamanic blow that pushes your assemblage point connecting it to different places within the luminous energy body and strands of consciousness that are the starting point in the second attention.

The Second Attention Keys

The element of Water, Right Hemisphere Dominate, Dreaming, Liquid Matter, Fluid, Flowing,  Mixing Together, No Boundaries, Emotions, Emotional Awareness, Predatory Beings  & Alley Beings Interact with us, Access to Non-Physical Consciousness.


The Words of Don Juan Matus

Bridgette Lyn was trained and has developed her own Shamanic Blow that does very similar things to Don Juan Matus’s Blow. The hands-on mechanical part is different. Essential for moving out of the first attention and overcoming the stuck point in the energy body. Assemble point shifting to shift focus and get point of focus connecting to other fumes/strands of consciousness. This kind of assemblage point movement, shamanic blow, a reboot can arrest the disease, cure addictions in the First Attention and over time help people to access a higher state of consciousness that connects to where ever they want there focus in their fumes/strands to be. This is done in complete and total sobriety. Bridgette does not recommend using dreaming medicines to shift consciousness for the long term, but proper reboots, moving of the assemblage points, shamanic work, and practices for the long term and assurance of bypassing the First Attention.

So you can be in the world but not of it.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff is a lifetime practitioner of shamanic arts and comes from the bloodlines of shamanic people. She works with people by appointment and in person. See fees for price structures and testimonial page.